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CULTURE ‣ The Arts & Culture Sector is in Danger - BE AN #ARTSHERO


The Facts: The Arts & Culture sector employs 5.1 million people and provides $877 billion value added to the U.S. economy. It adds more value to the economy than transportation, agriculture, or tourism. The sector is a cornerstone of the larger U.S. economy, making up 4.5% of GDP. Despite their out-sized cultural and economic contribution, The Arts & Culture sector of the U.S. economy is in grave danger.

The Issues: Briefly, due to Covid-19 62% of Arts Workers report that they are fully unemployed. 94% of Arts workers report income loss; to date, the average Arts worker reports $23,500 in lost revenue this year. Due to Covid, 66% of Arts workers report they are unable to access the spaces, staff, resources, or supplies needed to perform their work. Without an Arts & Culture recovery, there will be no full American economic recovery.

The Action: First, go to and get fully informed. Second, give serious thought to what you can do to help. Examples:

1. Write your Senator urging them to be an #ArtsHero by passing Arts & Culture relief TODAY.

2. Share the #ArtsHero tag and images on your email and social media.

3. Reach out to you network by way of your websites, blogs, and newsletters.

More ideas? Go to the Action Packet at


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