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DANCE ‣ Ballet Is Woman - NYC Ballet Dancers and Musicians in a Stellar Collaboration

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Victoria Parker, Senior Editor, Dance and Phil Cartwright, Founder

Stellar, Stunning. all we can say. This work is a gift from a platinum team of dancers of the NYC Ballet, musicians of the NYC Ballet Orchestra along with video and audio professionals. "The principle of classical ballet is woman," George Balanchine told NY Times reporters in Paris following a 1976 performance of Jewels. Ballet Is Woman communicates Balanchine's vision and represents a is beautiful collaboration in these difficult times. Art can inspire, heal, and bring joy upon those who chose to let arts into their lives. "Ballet Is Woman" offers this to its audience and reminds us of the significance the arts and specifically music and dance can have on our daily lives. Watching the full video will likely be the best minutes of your day!

A message from the performing artists:

"As performers it is our job to be expressive, but we are not always in a position to be creative. "Ballet Is Woman" is a female lead production that has given is a chance to choreograph, direct, produce, edit, and unconventionally remote record. It is a testament to our drive to make art under any and all limitations and circumstances. Hope you enjoy this performance of Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 by Heitor Villa-Lobos with lyrics by Ruth Correa."

Credits for "Ballet Is Woman":

Choreographer: Mary Elizabeth Sell-@marylizard

Producer: Alexis Sykes-@alexisfsykes

Director: Megan L.C.

Dancers of New York City Ballet:

Sara Adams-@sara_jane_adams

Mary Elizabeth Sell-@marylizard

Musicians of New York City Ballet:

Violin: Alexis Sykes-@alexisfsykes

Viola: Kaya Bryla Weiss-@kaya_bryla_weiss

Cello: Ann Kim-@akimbo40

Creator of Click Track: Timothy McEvoy-@mcevoy_timothy

Audio Editor: Kaya Bryla Weiss-@kaya_bryla_weiss

Audio Mixer: David Weiss-@david.weiss.flute


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