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MUSIC ‣ Musician of the Month, July-August, Jasmina Trajcheska, Pianist

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Phil Cartwright, Founder

This month, we proudly introduce you to Jasmina Trajcheska, Pianist.

Preferred Music: Music is truly my great love! I love it and I feel it in every part of my being, and I feel it in the universe. My repertoire consists of classical music, jazz, and contemporary music. Lately, I am very drawn to performing 20th and 21st century pieces. Specifically, I enjoy the music of the composer Janez Matičič, who writes in a romantic and impressionistic style as well as the music of the composer Biljana Bojović, who draws inspiration from Balkan folk and Orthodox Church music.

Most Memorable Moment as a Professional Musician :One of my latest and special experiences was playing a concert of music by the composers Janez Matičič and Biljana Bojović. There were chamber and solo pieces, a plethora of musical colors, emotions, sound images, and embraces of the rhythm, melodies, and the harmonic language. During this concert, I received one of the greatest rewards on this musical path, w

hich is an engaging and inspiring response from the listeners. Simply, every performed note on stage is unique and unrepeatable and it creates a distinct tie with the audience. That’s why I return to the stage again and again!

Describe Your Dream Performance: As a professor my goal is to guide and inspire my students, but also to exchange ideas, because we all learn from each other. As a performer, I love creating music with my friends and colleagues, connecting with them on stage, while also engaging with the audience. I love sharing the love for music and creating joy through this universal language.

Jasmina Trajcheska was born in Prilep, North Macedonia, where she attended elementary music school. She completed her high school, college, and graduate studies in the capital, Skopje, at the State School Center for Music and Ballet, Ilija Nikolovski-Luj, in the piano class of Valerij Stefanovski.

She has participated in piano masterclasses with Michael Keller, Konstantin Bogino, Svetlana Bogino, Vladimir Ogarkov, Andrei Diev, and others. Her awards include third place at the State Competition for Piano in North Macedonia; second place at the International Competition for Piano - Dino Ciani, Milano, Italy; special award at the International Competition for Piano - Interfest, Bitola, North Macedonia; third place at the International Competition for Piano in San Bartolomeo al Mare, Italy; and second place at the International Competition for Piano – Jupiter in Genova, Italy.

Ms. Trajcheska has taught at the University of Tetovo, and currently is a piano teacher at State School Center for Music and Ballet, Ilija Nikolovski-Luj. Her students have received numerous prestigious awards on national and international contests.

Ms. Trajcheska has a very rich concert schedule: She has performed at the Summer Academies in Piran, Slovenia, and in Varna, Bulgaria; Performed at the festival Musica di Laguna, Chioggia, Italy; Officially opened the ceremony for Yamaha Piano in Grosuplje, Slovenia; Was invited as a special guest pianist for the International Festival for Classical Music – Eurochestries in Charente-Maritimes, France; Performed at the music festival Makarsko Ljeto in Croatia, etc. Since 2016, Jasmina also performs with her professional piano duo, with the pianist Lile Atanasova. Together they have realized many concert projects out of which the most notable is Rhapsody for Skopje. The Ministry of Culture actively sponsors Ms. Trajcheska’s concerts throughout various cities in North Macedonia. She continually contributes to enriching the artistic and cultural live in her country and abroad.


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