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DANCE ‣ Dancer of the Month - December 2022, Ethan Ahuero

The holidays are most often associated with one thing in the dance world…The Nutcracker. So, as the party girls twirl, the snow falls, and the mouse king scurries, here at HVU we would like to introduce to you our December Dancer of the Month, Ethan Ahuero!

Ethan Ahuero was born in Roanoke, Virginia where he began his ballet training with Roanoke Ballet Theatre as a member of the City Youth Ballet under the direction of Sandra Meythaler and trained with Rolando Sarabia. In 2017 Ethan moved to the Orlando Ballet School as a trainee and in 2018 he was promoted to the second company. There he has danced under the direction of Diedre Miles Burger, Phillip Broomhead, and Robert Hill. Since his time in Orlando Ethan has competed in the Youth American Grand Prix, performed Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream, and performed soloist roles in Arcadian Broads Seasons. In 2019 he moved to Kansas City to join as a second company member and performed in Devon Carneys Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. In 2020 Ethan joined Dayton Ballet and has had the opportunity to perform in pieces by Gerald Arpino and Calling by Ma Cong. This will be Ethan’s third season with Dayton Ballet.

Ethan decided to join Dayton Ballet back in April 2020. “ I had just left a second company and due to the pandemic I had no job or auditions lined up. I was so scared and worried my career was ending before it even started but I luckily received an email from our current director, Karen Russo Burke, asking if I would be interested. It was such a surprise and I was so happy and grateful for the opportunity.”

As a male dancer, partnering is a large part of your ballet training. You must serve as the backbone and support system for the female dancer. This requires so much strength, coordination, and agility. For Ethan he has found that boxing is a great form of cross training for his partnering work. “Since becoming a dancer I find it’s best to focus on your weaknesses just as much as your strengths. For me I haven’t always been a strong partner so I have been working out and doing a lot of weightlifting, but I found that wasn’t enough. I joined a boxing class about a year ago and found it has helped tremendously with my coordination and agility.” Finding the cross training form that supports you in your weaker spots is a great way to improve overall as you develop muscles in such a strategic manner.

Ethan has offered up some valuable advice that is applicable to not only dancers but those of any profession:

“Advice I’d give to other dancers or anyone in the arts is know your worth. For so long I thought I wasn’t enough and thought I didn’t have a say in my own career, but the moment I realized what I’m worth everything changed.“

Dancers often struggle with perfectionism, leading to a lack of self confidence and value. Knowing your worth is a complete game changer as it can give you that extra spark in your dancing. At HVU, we would like to encourage all of our readers to heed this advice and start your new year off on a positive (pointed;) foot.

As January is quickly approaching, Ethan is about to start the second part of their season which will include performances such as Dayton Ballet’s mixed repertoire show and Septime Webber’s Peter Pan in April.

If you would like to support Ethan and his dance career be sure to check out Dayton Ballet’s website below and attend a show if you are in the area!


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