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DANCE ‣ "Building A Place"-Employees of the NYC Ballet Celebrate Returning Home in Dance and Music

Phil Cartwright, Founder

Marvelous! After these many months, it is truly émouvantes to see the lights on at Lincoln Center and wonderful people bringing much needed joy! (Phil Cartwright for HorizonVU Sound and Movement)

From the Village of NYCB Project Leaders:

"Building A Place" was born out of the most difficult time of our generation's performing arts history, the Covid-19 Pandemic. Employees of New York City Ballet had not seen each other (in any normal work capacity) since March of 2019.

We wanted to do something to stay in touch with each other and our audience, as well as to stay hopeful about our future return to our home at Lincoln Center in the Fall of 2021. Our video begins where most of our performances do, with an invitation and welcoming from our New York City Ballet ushers. Under the tutelage of an amazing songwriting teacher, Natalia Zukerman, a 7 person songwriting team (2 dancers, 3 orchestra musicians, an usher, and a singer from NYCB) wrote a truly beautiful song called “Building A Place” which invites audiences back to see New York City Ballet when we finally re-open in the fall.

A much larger team of employees and fans made up our virtual chorus which is supported by a string quintet drawn from members of the New York City Ballet Orchestra. Our featured dance solos and duet are choreographed by NYCB Principal, Ask La Cour. In choosing to pair retiring Principal, Ask La Cour, and core member, Isabella LaFreniere, we were consciously merging a pillar of NYCB's rich history with the bright youthful artistry of our future. We hope you enjoy this video and consider joining us for our Fall season!

Village of NYCB project leaders:

Benefactor: The Singers Forum Foundation, Inc.

Originator/Producer: Alexis Sykes -

Songwriting Leader: Natalia Zukerman -

Orchestrator/Choral Leader: Harrison Hollingsworth - @hollingsworth.harrison

Video Editor: Harrison Sheckler -

Audio Editor: Armin Meyer -

Videographer/Director for Introduction: Megan McNally - Videographer/Editor for dance segments: Steven Bueno - @iamstevenbueno


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