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DANCE & MUSIC ‣ Alejandra Álvarez on the Millepied and Tharaud Collaboration -"Unstill Life"

“Unstill Life” by Benjamin Millepied and Alexandre Tharaud

Alejandra Álvarez, Senior Editor, Multi-Arts

Gentle. Kind. Soft.

Benjamin Millepied's "Unstill Life" felt like that rendezvous you long for. The feeling inundating your body as you leave the theater is the same sensation you get after catching up with a long-lost friend.

This extraordinary entourage takes a heartfelt approach

to meaningful human matters such as friendship, passion,

Benjamin Millepied et Alexandre Tharaud, dans Unstill Life

Photo: Paul Bourdrel

love, and the pursuit of a dream. The performance beautifully narrates the journey of two devoted artists and how their creative expressions intertwine through honest and simple dialogue between their mediums: music and dance.

Alexandre Tharaud, a prolific pianist, will enchant you with the fluidness of his notes and his majestic

interpretation of renowned pieces, including mesmerizing melodies by Satie and Bach. Benjamin Millepied will make you vibrate with his eloquent and precise dance moves. However, what truly lingers about this performance is not just the accomplished mastery of each artist in their respective field, but the natural fusion and harmony achieved between their lives, stories, and approaches to artmaking.

Benjamin Millepied et Alexandre Tharaud, dans Unstill Life

Photo: Paul Bourdrel

There is an undeniable beauty in observing how these mature artists reignite their creative flames, defying the passing of time and the physical challenges that come with it. Witnessing two grown men return to their artistic calling, despite the weariness of their bodies and its demands for silence, holds a unique and captivating magic. The way they breathe life back into their respective crafts, finding inspiration and purpose, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of art.

Dans cette vidéo, ils ont offert au public un bis inédit sur "Pierre" de Barbara.

The staging of "Unstill Life" is a breath of fresh air, with its delightful simplicity guiding you effortlessly through the captivating 1-hour and 15-minute presentation. The production's lightness emanates from its inherent ability to transport you back to carefree days of childhood play. The show thrives on interactivity, and at a certain point, the dancer, Millepied himself, gracefully leaves the stage to venture into the grandeur of Theatre des Champs-Elysées, accompanied by a skilled camera operator who follows his every move, until he joyfully reunites with the eagerly awaiting audience inside the reddish salon.

Throughout these seamless displacements, Millepied skillfully employs various media, from holding the camera to projecting videos and even performing shadow dance, forging an intimate connection with the public. This shared experience allows each member of the audience to feel like an integral part of their artistic journey.

A moment of pure sweetness that stuck to me, was when Tharaud rose from his piano stool to join Benjamin's rapid movements, amplifying this sense of camaraderie, as if two friends, joyfully playing together.

The atmosphere is alive with laughter, with the public giggles at multiple moments throughout the performance, and as the final curtain falls, the air is electric with emotion and appreciation. It is a natural reaction for the audience to donate multiple rounds of applause, a thank-you is the least we can offer.

This performance is a testament to the power of art to unite, inspire, and evoke genuine moments of joy and connection.


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