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DANCE ‣ ABT Principal Skylar Brandt on Becoming a Ballerina

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Cover Feature, Dance, February, 2021

Voltaire famously wrote, "I have seen so many extraordinary things that nothing seems extraordinary to me (Candide)”. What does it mean to be extraordinary? Lovely? Refined? Exceptional? No matter. Perhaps it's best left said that extraordinary is as extraordinary does. In our view, Skylar Brandt is extraordinary and had M. Arouet (Voltaire) lived another 240 some-odd years to see Skylar Brandt perform, we think that he would admit to have seen someone extraordinary. Her musicality stands out in our minds, but that is not to overlook other attributes of strength and expression. And it must be said that she is a delightful, amiable, that is, a very nice person.

If you want some inspiration, look no further than the February 2021 issue of Dance Magazine (above). Seriously, you'll find her story to be rich in oxygen and enthusiasm. Go for it!

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