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RESEARCH & LEARNING ‣ TRANS-DIGITAL: Transitions and Transformations of the Arts & Culture Sector

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Phil Cartwright, Founder

TRANS-DIGITAL : Transitions and transformations of arts and culture in the age of a pandemic (2020-2021)

This one-day conference tackles the impact of Covid 19 on arts and cultural institutions and venues. Guest speakers presented what kind of alternatives, innovative projects, and metamorphoses have taken place in their own field, whether artistic, cultural, educational, or recreational. Assessing recent practices and experiments that proved successful raises the question of the digital turn’s effectiveness: for whom ? by whom ? without whom ? What successful digital transformations or transitions prompted by the pandemic are now becoming long-term phenomena ? Without minimizing the limitations of digitalizing the arts world, presenters will reflect on the challenges that artists and cultural institutions confronted (and still do) and how audiences adapt(ed). The conference was hosted by the University of Chicago Center in Paris and coordinated by IESA arts&culture, a private institute of higher education that specializes in cultural communication and the management of the arts.

View the presentation presented by P. Cartwright, E. Besson and H. Kefi below.


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