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Research and Learning ‣ Artist Management and "The Well-Tempered Musician"

In their forthcoming article, researchers Cartwright, Kûssner and Williamon discuss artist management in the context of identity. Their holistic approach goes beyond conventional business practices and looks at artist management with full consideration given to artist health and well-being.

Seven dimensions, or touch points, of artist identity are captured in a new Performance Profiling Framework (Williamon, Clarke and Küssner, 2017). The rationale and definitions for the seven types of skills investigated in the survey and the focus on reporting data from five currently active professional musicians summarized in the paper. The analysis illustrates individual perspectives on the skills described in the Performance Profiling Framework, as well as the general descriptive statistics for the sample of 85 professionals for context.

The Performance Profiling Framework

(Williamon, Clarke and Küssner, 2017)

The full article is expected to appear in the winter issues of the International Journal of Arts Management. Professor Aaron Williamon is Professor and Director, Centre for Performance Science, Royal College of Music, Dr. Mats Küssner is Lecturer, Department of Musicology and Media Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Phillip Cartwright is Professor, PSB Paris School of Business and Visiting Researcher, Centre for Performance Science, Royal College of Music.


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