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DANCE & MUSIC ‣ Hallelujah at Sunrise Ballet Ft Olivia Boisson & Kaya Katarzyna Bryla - Weiss

Phil Cartwright, Founder

Hallelujah at Sunrise Ballet

We're emerging from a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that has transformed how society interacts and collaborates. After over a year of lock-down with empty stages around the world, Olivia Boisson ( dancer of the New York City Ballet) and Kaya Katarzyna Bryla-Weiss (member of the New York City Ballet Orchestra, Orchestra of St. Luke’s and New York Pops) team up to perform a socially-distanced interpretation of "Hallelujah" to commemorate the lives we lost, honor healthcare workers and those who are moving mountains to bring us back together, and inspire hope and unity through the power of art.

This performance of Cohen's Hallelujah, was captured in Philadelphia, PA at sunrise on an unusual stage during an unusual time. May this artwork bring you peace, reflection, and light.

Olivia Boisson & Kaya Katarzyna Bryla - Weiss

Dance and Choreography: Olivia Boisson

Viola: Kaya Katarzyna Bryla - Weiss

Audio recording and mixing: David G Weiss

Video | Direction | Video editing | Coloring: Simon Lane Rogers

Music: "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen arr. by Kaya Katarzyna Bryla - Weiss for four violas

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