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MUSIC ‣ "Art Unites Us All" on the Official Ted YouTube Channel

HorizonVU Sound and Movement's friend and colleague in music, Domina Monriel, reports that TedxMaviliSquare has announced that Art Unites Us All has been uploaded on the official Ted YouTube channel!

Art Unifies Us All is an international multimedia collaboration of 210 artists from across the world that explores the ways in which art unites us all despite tumultuous times, geographic boundaries, and individual personalities. In addition to 79 dancers' videos (from the Harvard Ballet Company, the Athens Conservatoire, the soloist with the New York City Ballet Jovani Furlan, and others) performing on the musical piece, 105 professional musicians from the UK, Spain, the USA, and Thessaloniki State Conservatory, to name a few, have recorded and videotaped themselves performing my original composition "Atenes."

To the unification that art fosters, add 26 photographers and painters with their photographs and paintings, together with brief videos starring eminent figures (such as the internationally renowned filmmaker Kim Krizan), all working together to represent creatively "what art means to them." On May 16, the International Day of Living Together in Peace, the final video had its debut.

Seven other organizations, including the International Independent (UK), the Arts Council Greece, and the International Independent Creative Industries Council (Belgium), are also supporting the project.

Domina Monriel is the music composer as well as the creator and manager of the 2021 acclaimed project “Art Unites Us All”, which was also featured on TedxMaviliSquare. She is also a student of music composition for Film, TV and Video Games at Berklee College of Music (Berklee Online) and,what is more, she was appointed as the Ambassador of the GEMS Film Game Orchestration Scoring Program Spain 2021 with award-winning Hollywood composers and orchestrators being its leading figures.

She is currently working as the music composer for the short films of the campaign “Exo Epignosi”, whose music is being recorded by the National Radio Symphony Orchestra of Greece (ERT). In addition,on May 2022, Domina won the Tileyard Songwriting Camp Competition, with Tileyard being the world’s largest independent music community housing over 100 recording studios and 250 music businesses, including: Apple Music 1, Soundcloud, Platoon, Spitfire Audio, The Prodigy, Noel Gallagher, and many more. As a singer, she is featured in the forthcoming project of Farzin Farhadi,which sets Rumi’s poetry to music. In 2019, her first book “Discussions without Name” was published and she is an accredited member of the Recording Academy.


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