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ARTIST ‣ Nymphéas Quintet: Musicians with a Common Passion: Chamber Music

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Established in Paris, the Nymphéas Quintet (formerly Nymphéas Ensemble) was created in 2002. It consists of five musicians with a common passion: chamber music. The quintet consists of two violins, two violas and a cello. This formation allows the quintet to split and to perform works ranging from duos to string quintets. The Nymphéas Quintet aims to perform major works as well as lesser known or even forgotten works from the classical, romantic, modern and contemporary repertoire. Since its creation, the Nymphéas Quintet has performed in Europe and Japan. The Nymphéas Quintet is regularly invited to perform at music festivals such as Les Musicales de Clairegoutte and Rahin Chérimont, Musique en côte Basque, the Beethoven Festival in Switzerland and the Colloque international Jean Sibelius in Paris.


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